This month’s breakfast seminar was the first one this year and it really was a special one. Tourn will always be at the forefront and VR is a media that is receiving increasing attention in the social media world. Together with our partner Nice One we dug deeper into the subject and talked about the concept, the technology and what Virtual Reality actually is. Everyone could also try out the VR headset and integrate with a digital world in a new way. They could see what possibilities there are to create content in a new and creative way. A very fun and inspiring morning with a lot to learn about the concept VR that we believe will be monitored during the year.

Tourn and Nice One continues to explore new communication technologies. If you want to know more about VR and the meaning for your business or your brand, do not hesitate to contact our sales managers.

We want to give a big thank you to everyone who came. Now we are looking forward to the next one and even more inspiration and news!

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