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In march 2014 one young entrepreneur founded Tourn Media. His vision was to create a company with some of the most outstanding digital platforms that could automate the handling between influencers and companies. Just weeks after the launch our first auto-generated campaign was live and our client was amazed of how user friendly our system was.

In 2016 Tourn Media grew larger for each day, we worked day and night and went from 8-15 super dedicated employees and signed our first exclusive digital social-icons. Kenza, Bianca Ingrosso and Alexandra Bring was the beginning of a new era. We found the most epic synergies between automated digital platforms and manually managed collaborations which resulted in our clients best social media collaborations ever made. In 2017 we went from 15-25 employees with a growth over 300%.

Today we know that the platforms, social icons, clients and employees is our everything and we are thankful and proud to present the largest and most powerful social media agency in Northern Europe.

Tourn Kenza

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