Tourn and Nyheter365 has entered into a partnership where Nyheter365 becomes a sales partner for Tourn’s platform TCD (Tourn Content Discovery) in Norway and the UK. Nyheter365 will handle all expansion and sales in the two countries. Nyheter365 are experts in content that creates engagement, builds brands and increases sales. They combine expertise in content marketing and journalism with advanced technology and analytics.
Nyheter365 is sprung out of the power of good journalism and advanced marketing. They were founded in Sweden in 2011 and has set up offices in both the UK and Norway. After 2015, with a turnover of 79msek and a profit of just over 13.5msek, Björn Forsgren moved to the UK with the aim to recruit 10 new to Nyheter365 UK. The Norway branch is led by Jacob Norrman.

TCD is a tool to drive traffic to native ads and increase their page views for publishers. It is simple to implement, it increases page requests and creates another advertising space which does not interfere with readers. For advertisers, it is a new way to drive relevant traffic to their native ads as they already do through Google and Facebook etc. This is a new platform to give advertisers even greater effect on their campaigns.

-UK Is a large and attractive market. Nyheter365’s technical background, their drive to always deliver good results to their customers and their desire to always be the best makes them an ideal partner for Tourn. Together, we see great potential in both the UK and Norway with Nyheter365, says Robin Stenman CEO, Tourn media.

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